RVing is on the rise as travelers are discovering the many benefits of traveling by RV instead of other transportation methods. Here are some of the many reasons why people are choosing to travel by RV more often:

Health and Happiness

RVing can help you live and travel more simply. It encourages the idea of having less stuff and feeling less stress. Reducing the amount of clutter in a person’s life can help them feel less stressed and happier with their life.

Another benefit to RVing is that RV’s support a balanced and active lifestyle. Life on the road can lead to stronger relationships, healthier eating, and feeling more in tune with nature.


In recent years, RVing has become the most cost-effective form of travel. As hotel and flight costs are increasing, RVing is becoming a better option for travelers who want to get the most out of their experience for the least amount of money. A 2014 cost comparison by the RVIA (Recreation Vehicle Industry Association) illustrated that a family of four can save up to 62 percent on their vacation costs by choosing an RV over other transportation methods. This is a significant amount of savings that make RVing an attractive form of traveling.

Community and Social Interaction

RVing communities bring together RVer’s through instant messaging and facebook groups that have made it easier than ever to have impromptu meetings. This new form of communication has decreased the isolation that used to be associated with RVing. Now, if RVer’s want to meet up with similar minded people when they are out on the road, they can. This increases the overall experience of RVing and has made it more of a social experience.

Freedom and Flexibility

Finally, RVing increases freedom and flexibility for all travelers alike. RVer’s don’t have to stick to a rigid itinerary. They are able to change their plans as they please in order to get all the experiences that they want to get out of their vacation. This makes their experience customizable and increases trip satisfaction.

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