DISH Playmaker Portable Satellite TV Antenna

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Now offered at Pikes Peak RV is the DISH Playmaker Portable Satellite TV antenna. New with OS 2.1, supporting eastern and western arc satellites for nationwide coverage. You can continue your adventures off-grid without the worry of not having service. Inside this robust design are reliable, high-performance motors that convey premium speed and yield vast precision.


  • Automatically finds DISH satellite orbital locations
  • Self-installs faster than other automatic antennas
  • Re-engineered with military-grade aluminum alloy for maximum durability, resulting in increased signal strength performance of 20%
  • Reliable, high-performance stepper motors that provide speed and precision
  • Lightweight, low-profile antenna made from robust materials for optimal performance


  • Dimensions: Diameter – 16″, Height – 13″
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Compatible Satellites: 110°, 119° or 129° (Western Arc) or 110°, 119° or 61.5
  • Compatible Receivers: DISH Solo HD receivers – DISH 211k, 211, 411, 211z, and Wally receivers.


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“Used my Dish Playmaker Satellite and Wally receiver to watch the Superbowl at a remote location. It worked great even while it was snowing!!”

– Matt

“I set up the Dish here in Colorado Springs, works fine, and took it to our land outside Cripple Creek CO, works great every time we go to the property. With no cable, or even power, it feels like home. We are very happy with the service to our remote located 5th Wheel, about 30 miles west of Cripple Creek, CO. Great Product.”

– Jerry

“Worked just as advertised. Plain and simple set-up and before you know it you are surfing the guide. This is the way to go for on the road in your RV and don’t want to miss Monday Night Football!!”

– George