Knowing what defines a Toy Hauler can be confusing with many different classes of trailers in the RV market. That’s why we are summarizing everything you need to know about one of the 10 classes of RV: Toy Haulers. Toy Haulers are built to upgrade your trip to the outdoors by helping you get off the grid with your side by sides, UTVs or ATVs, haul your toys without an extra trailer in tow, and enjoy the comforts of home while making the most of what Mother Nature has to offer. Toy Haulers feature spacious “garages” and ramps so you can simply drive your auxiliary vehicle on board. These include ATVs, kayaks, motocross bikes, and all sorts of other adventure-ready gear and vehicles. With a Toy Hauler, you can have three vehicles along for the journey: your main tow (or towed) vehicle, the trailer itself, and your onboard extra.

How Toy Haulers Work

Toy Haulers are different from other trailer classes as they have higher-than-average weight load limits and a convenient back ramp to allow you to easily access your toys. You’ll also find tie-down bars and strap-in systems so your additional vehicle won’t slip around while your rig is in motion.

Amenities You Can Find On Board a Toy Hauler

Some of the main amenities you can expect to find on a Toy Hauler include large “garages,” comfortable and well-stocked RV interiors including fully functional kitchens, on-board plumbing systems with toilets, showers, and fresh-and wastewater holding tanks, generators for off-grid camping, and generous slide-outs to increase living space. view from inside open toy hauler

Toy Hauler Maintenance

Like every other type of RV, Toy Haulers do require regular maintenance to ensure they stay in proper working condition for as long as possible. For example, the trailer’s tires need to be checked for rot and other issues, balanced, and occasionally replaced when necessary. No matter what kind of RV you purchase, creating a preventative maintenance schedule is the best way to get ahead of repairs and issues that can keep you off the road when you’re ready to go exploring. Learn more about regular RV maintenance and optional services here.

Toy Hauler Fast Facts

Length: 19′-39′ Sleeping capacity: 2-8 adults Average Cost: $20,000-$150,000

Choosing the Right Type of Toy Hauler

For those who crave a truly versatile recreational vehicle with the luxurious look and feel of a traditional fifth wheel or travel trailer, Pikes Peak RV has Torque Toy Haulers ready to hit the road. If you’re seeking a combination of an outdoor lifestyle and relaxing indoor luxury, Pikes Peak RV Lithium Toy Haulers offer the best of both worlds.

Ready for an adventure this summer?

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