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The decision to purchase a used or new RV can be a big deal and have a significant impact on you, so it definitely isn’t one you should take lightly. Both options come with their positives and negatives, and they should be taken into consideration. We’ll start with the positives of each:


Buying a New RV: Pros

Purchasing new comes with a great collection of positives. You know that everything will work, and even if it doesn’t, new RVs are often covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. You can relax knowing that a large portion of the concerns you would have with a used RV are gone by having just that one benefit. Speaking of benefits, new RVs come with the most recent upgrades the market has to offer. This means features like solar power, outdoor kitchens, and even Smart Home capabilities can be found in new RVs. Brand new RVs are becoming more and more luxurious as time goes on, and it may take years for the exciting features to become common in used models.


Buying a Used RV: Pros

The biggest allure of used RVs is the price. They’re older, so they are going to cost less. Another big pull is more community knowledge around the older RVs. An RV from 2015 has seven years of people making upgrades, testing its limits, and learning what works and what doesn’t. We’ll be able to steer you in the correct direction with the more reliable models, because we’ll have seen which ones fail and which ones don’t.

With these positives in mind, let’s consider the negatives.


Buying a New RV: Cons

New RVs are going to be pricier. You’re paying to know that you have all the bells and whistles, without worrying about the previous owner putting those in place while potentially cutting corners.


Buying a Used RV: Cons

You can’t guarantee the longevity or condition of the RV. The last owner may have skipped basic maintenance, decreasing its lifespan by a potentially noticeable amount. They may have installed something like new lights and ignored safety concerns, which could end poorly for you. The basic wear and tear on the system from use means that it probably won’t be functioning like it would brand new. A professional RV dealer will ensure they do whatever they can in order to avoid these concerns with their used models, but we can all fall victim to human error.

Looking at these positives and negatives, it’s hard to ignore the leg up buying new has over buying used. On top of the listed positives, it’s important to note that the community knowledge surrounding older models is something you can still get with new RVs. Our professionals know which brands are going to be more consistently reliable, and we are available to help however we can. At the end of the day, if you’re willing to take risks with a used RV, it can save you some money, but the new RV is definitely worth the extra price.

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