2021 Holiday Gift Ideas for Camping Enthusiasts

Recently, we visited Wally, the camping expert from Scheels in Johnstown, Colorado, to learn about his top picks for holiday gifts in 2021. While some may think camping gifts can be boring, we were excited to discover some unique picks for the outdoor enthusiast in anyone’s life! 

Here’s a rundown of our top four holiday gift ideas for camping enthusiasts (plus a few stocking stuffer ideas):

Power Up With Solar Panels & Power Stations

Are you really looking to impress the camper in your life this holiday season?  Scheels carries a line of solar panels and portable power stations to keep phones and small devices charged while out in the wilderness.  Some are even capable of running a TV (for all the glampers out there) or appliances as large as a refrigerator! (A great gift idea for someone who owns a luxury RV.)

Tents (Even Though We Prefer Rvs)

For those who prefer the simplicity and freedom of tent camping, Scheels carries several models of rooftop tents by Thule and Tepui that mount to a rooftop rack, offering quick setup and teardown for ease of use.  

As Wally pointed out, “you can drive out anywhere (that’s legal, by the way), set up your tent, sleep for the night, and move on the next morning.

Sleeping Bags for a Night Under the Stars

No camping trip is complete without a sleeping bag and Scheels has a massive selection! The Wasatch 20 degree bag by The North Face is a top pick, great for most of the year’s temps in Colorado.

Hammocks to Relax in All Day

Depending on the style of camping they’re interested in, a hammock is a great gift option for any camper.  As Jordan pointed out, a few things to consider with hammocks are the length of the straps – when trees aren’t close enough to each other, extensions can be used so nobody misses out on a nice hammock nap.  Another consideration is temperature – Since a hammock is off the ground, it can get a little chilly underneath.  What better way to warm up than by lining it with one of the new National Parks-themed Rumpl blankets?

rumpl outdoors hammocks

Stocking Stuffers (For the Camper Who Has It All)

Large gifts are great, but what do you get for the camper who already has it all?  Wally walked us through aisles and aisles of stocking stuffer ideas, ranging from fire starters to shower beer and wine holders.  There’s really something for everyone.

Our favorites included beer koozies that look like puffer jackets, tablets that change the color of your campfire, and of course, tons of freeze-dried food.  There are also the more traditional stocking stuffers, like first aid kits, water bottles, and the ultimate gift anyone can use: headlamps.

jordan holding up a holiday beer coozie

Whether you’re looking to buy for someone eccentric or traditional, there are endless options for your outdoor enthusiast at Scheels.  Swing by their location in Johnstown for a look at even more gift ideas this season and don’t forget to check out the Pikes Peak RV Explore More Podcast for a deeper dive into holiday gift-giving!

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Holiday Gift Guide with Scheels!

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