The Pikes Peak RV 22-Point Inspection

Are you heading out for a long road trip? Has your RV been in storage for months? Or maybe you want a potential RV checked out by a professional before making the big purchase. Put your mind at ease and schedule a 22-point visual RV inspection.

Our RV inspection includes all major components of an RV including, electrical (running and cabin), water heater, frame, tires, electrical, and condition of windows, doors, paint, roof, etc.

At Pikes Peak RV our team cares about your safety while you are out on the road with your RV so our professionals take special care to prevent any issues that may keep you from your adventures.

For a limited time, get a free visual inspection when you schedule a De-Winterization service!

5th Wheel Trailer with Icons

RV inspections by certified professionals are needed because RVs tend to experience more wear and tear due to the weight of the vehicle and a higher exposure to natural elements. For example, the roofs and of an RV are susceptible to damage from harsh sun, rain, and branches from low hanging trees that can be hard to miss. At Pikes Peak RV, our professionals help to catch these small problems before they become catastrophic.

If you’re still wondering if an RV inspection is something you might need, below are some common examples of what warrants an inspection, if you can answer yes to these, it might be a good idea to have your RV checked out.


  • Your RV has been in storage and you want reassurance that it’s still in good working condition.
  • You are planning a long trip with your RV and want it checked out to avoid any surprises on the road.
  • You just purchased an RV and want a professional to take a look at it for any potential issues.
  • You’re getting ready to sell your RV and would like to give potential buyers some reassurance.


Schedule your 22-point RV inspection

Get a free inspection when you schedule an a De-Winterization service!

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