A man and woman setting up their campground outside of their RV, in warm weather.

Having proper campground etiquette is a huge part of the RVing community. It shows respect to others and makes sure everyone is a happy camper and has a great time! Most of these guidelines are for campsites, whether it’s crowded or spacious, it’s important to treat other campers how you would want them to treat you.


When you first arrive at your campground, you want to check in with your camp host to either let them tell you where your spot is or have them guide you to it. This will help your camp host keep track of who is on their campground and make sure you get to the right spot. When you get to your spot, have someone step out and help you back into your site to make sure you don’t hit other campers or objects. When backing in make sure there is enough room on either side of your RV for your slideouts.

Exploring the Camp

When you have parked your RV or trailer, you need to find out where all the facilities are located so you don’t wander into the wrong place, and so that you get an idea of everything the camp has to offer. Often, the camp host will have a map of the camp and a map of the area around the camp, this will help you know what is available to you outside your RV. When getting situated on your site, you’ll want to ask for the camp rules. Important rules to know are times for lights out, quiet time, and when camp facilities open and close. Once you’ve settled in, don’t be afraid to use the camp’s amenities while being respectful of other campers.

Respect other Campers

To make sure you and other campers are happy, follow all the park rules and don’t be nosy of your neighbor. This means, entering and leaving your site quietly and efficiently, don’t shine flashlights at RVs or people outside of them, don’t turn on generators when you don’t need to, don’t slam doors, and don’t play your music too loudly. Basically, respect your neighbor’s privacy, eardrums, and personal space, and everyone will be happy. These rules are especially important if you’re in a crowded campground where your neighbor is right next to you.

Follow these campground etiquette guidelines to make sure everyone around you is happy! If they are happy then you can be happy too. If you have any questions about these tips give us a call at (719) 596-2716 and we’ll be happy to help you out. Make sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and give us a follow!

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