What’s eco-friendly, 950 Lbs and sleeps up to three people? The ProLite Ultra Light Trailer. Only on the market in two companies across the entire country, this trailer is equipped with everything you need.

It’s an Energy-savvy Trailer

The ProLite trailer is equipped with solar panels, which means that it has a small carbon footprint and it’s perfect for the environmentally conscious. It’s saving energy while it’s producing energy. Solar power is very convenient on long trips to places that may not have the resources you need at hand. The ProLite is conveniently sized and contains all of the necessities: a sink, heater and even an electric stove. Its size and weight make it easy to haul with even a compact car!

It’s Reliable and Innovative

The ProLite is insulated with panels of DuroFoam which allows for long-lasting thermal resistance as well as a heavy defense against water infiltration. This makes it easy for you to relax during various types of weather conditions. Its classy interior is complete with wood floors, and modern rustic furnishings. This trailer uses innovative materials and is exactly what you need for your next outdoor excursion.

To take a video tour or learn more about how you can get a ProLite Ultra Light trailer, get in touch with us!

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