Travel Lite RV’s latest and most innovative model, the ‘Rove Lite’ travel trailer, will arrive for purchase as early as February 2021. Pikes Peak RV owner, Jeffery Taylor, participated in the development of the all-new design, which is anticipated to be towable by nearly every mid-size sedan vehicle, making it the lightest travel trailer currently available on the market.

Syracuse, Indiana-based Travel Lite RV’s development of the ultra-light-weight Rove Lite travel trailers for the 2021 model year is inspired by Pikes Peak RV’s commitment to establishing its place in the RV industry with lightweight products designed to serve a downsizing U.S. automotive marketplace.

“We’re going to go after the markets where maybe only a few people are playing,” said Travel Lite COO and General Manager, Ryan Rebar. “But we’re also looking at the future market and a new little product, the Rove Lite. If you’re driving a Prius, how are you going to go camping? How do you serve the guy who doesn’t have a big truck? I’ve just built a product that’s under 1,500 pounds. You can pull it with a Subaru. Heck, there’s even a Mini Cooper package you can pull it with.”

Travel Lite partnered with Jeffery Taylor, who operates both Pikes Peak RV and Peak Kia in Windsor, Colorado on the Rove Lite’s creation. “With current legislation, new car inventory will be expected to be majority electric by 2025, a trend that will likely grow in the following years,” said Taylor. This, Rebar said, opens up a large new market for small travel trailers.

The 16-foot Rove Lite presents more of a European-style build including a composite floor and aluminum chassis. The initial two floorplans will be under 1,500 pounds. Floorplan No. 3 will come in at 1,700 pounds and a small 12-volt-only model is planned that will weigh in at about 1,000 pounds. The Rove features a no-substrate fiberglass sidewall with two-pound fire-retardant block foam insulation that’s impervious to heat. All interior panels are Azdel composite and the seamless poured resin fiberglass roof is one piece from bumper to hitch. Interior features, including a convertible bed and bath with a shower, offer space-saving functionality.

MSRPs for Travel Lite truck campers range from $12,000 to $24,000 in box lengths of 5.5 to 8 feet, while retail pricing for the initial Rove floorplan is $19,995.

For more information on the current availability of Travel Lite RV’s ‘Rove Lite’ travel trailer at Pikes Peak RV, please call (970) 576-3125.

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