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Since every camping-lover is different and may be looking to spend time outdoors for a variety of reasons, there’s no standard set of tips or tricks for finding that perfect camping spot.  Luckily, we had the chance to sit down with Lee from Lakeside KOA in Fort Collins to get some insight on how to choose the best campground based on your personal camping style.  Here’s what she had to say:

Basics to Consider

Before you choose the best campground, consider why you’re camping in the first place.  Are you looking for entertainment, a chance to disconnect, or do you need a base camp so you can enjoy nearby attractions?  If you’ve decided you want entertainment, a campground that offers activities or live music may be a great option.  For a base camp, location takes priority.  If a disconnect is all you need, you may want to look for lesser-known campgrounds.

Once you’ve determined why you’re camping, you can plan how to go about it based on your camping style.  Do you prefer to tent camp, use an RV, or glamp it up in a cabin?  When you’ve determined this, you can narrow down your search and choose the best campground for your particular style. From there, think about what you need to access while you’re there.  You may want to be near a store or have to access laundry, cooking, or shower facilities.  When camping in an RV, water hookups and dumpsites are also important factors in your campground search.

Winter Camping

In winter, many people still want to enjoy the outdoors but may not necessarily be interested in skiing, snowboarding, or other winter sports.  Camping is a great way to get outside and connect with nature, even in the colder months.

Lee pointed out that, when camping in winter, there are extra factors to consider.  If you’re in an RV, for example, you’ll want to make sure there are water hookups and electricity available and that your campground uses heat tape and frost freeze.  Finding a campground with winter activities may also be a priority.  Lakeside KOA, for example, is a year-round campground that organizes winter events like a Sweetheart Weekend for Valentine’s Day.  The campground also allows lake access year-round, so campers can still take walks on the trails along the water.

KOA camping cabin at Lakeside Resort

Family-Friendly Camping

When camping with the whole family, it’s important to find a family-friendly campground.  If bringing pets, you’ll need to make sure they’re allowed on the campsite and may also want to choose a campground with a dog park or other enrichment available for your furry family members.

If you want to choose the best campground for your children, consider locations like the Lakeside KOA, which offers paddle boats, a pool with a splash pad, a playground, mini-golf, rental bikes, and family-friendly events to keep the fun going.  Many campgrounds plan structured and unstructured activities for all ages to enjoy, like games, scavenger hunts, site decorating contests, and live music – all great options for families.

couple in dragon paddle boat on lake

Where Does Lee Camp?

What is it about camping that Lee loves so much?  The opportunity to connect with complete strangers and bond over common interests right away is one of the most enjoyable aspects of camping.  Finding an instant community of friendly people who just want to enjoy the outdoors and each other’s company is something we don’t often see while vacationing.

So, where does Lee love to camp? In addition to her home base, the Lakeside KOA, she has a favorite getaway of her own. “Truthfully, I’m a big fan of the Colorado Springs KOA. They provide a lot of activities and events as well….I always enjoy my time there.”


Final Thoughts

Northern Colorado provides a lot of outdoor opportunities and KOA encourages people to get outside and connect with nature.  As Lee pointed out, there’s no better fun way to get out with friends and family than by camping.  It’s just about figuring out what your camping wish list is so you can choose the best campground based on what you specifically want and need.  Don’t forget to check out the Pikes Peak RV Explore More Podcast for a deeper dive into how to choose the best campground and all things camping!

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