Considering an Electric Vehicle

The ebb and flow of our economic climate has things like electric or hybrid vehicles looking better and better each day. At the same time, you’d still love to get an RV in time for the summer. You’re left wondering, can you accomplish both? Can you tow an RV with an electric vehicle? Can you, in fact, have your cake and eat it too?

Simply put, yes.

Electric and hybrid vehicles have come a long way, and are continuing to improve. That being said, towing something with any vehicle affects the vehicle’s performance, and there are things you’ll want to consider before you go out and buy that RV. 

Consider the following:

  • Payload. This is how much weight your vehicle can tow. Most electric vehicles and Hybrids have a smaller payload. However, heavier duty versions are becoming more common. Find out your vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) before you make an RV purchase.
  • Wind Resistance: If your RV is taller or wider than your vehicle, your RV will create drag and your vehicle will perform less efficiently. Consider RV options with a low-profile or aerodynamic design.
  • Battery Charge: Most electric vehicles average 250-300 miles on a single charge. While towing a vehicle, however, you may notice up to a 30% decrease in battery efficiency. Unless you’re planning a permanent stay in the woods, you’ll want a plan for charging for the trip home.

RV Options for Your Electric Vehicle

With these considerations in mind, you’re ready to start looking at RV options. You’ll need a lightweight, low-profile RV to get the most out of your electric vehicle. Here are a few suitable options.

Travel Lite RV — Rove Lite: GVWR of 2500lbs | Height 8’1” | Width 6’6”

Rove Lite trailer

The Rove Lite is perfect for EV towing. Engineered with an aerodynamic teardrop design and crafted from revolutionary Hydro-Lite material, this RV is not just lightweight but light on the budget. Find out what’s in our inventory.

Forest River — Viking LS Pop-Up: GVWR of 2897 lbs | Height 4’8” | Width 7’

Viking LS pop-up trailer

The Viking LS will offer the least wind resistance during travel, though you’ll need a bit more towing capacity. These RVs were designed for ease — easy to set up, easy to store, easy to tow, and easy to enjoy. Take a look at what’s in stock.

Forest River — Viking Express Hybrid: GVWR of 2225 lbs | Height 17’5” | Width 12’

viking express camper

A lighter model than its Viking LS cousin, the Viking Express is equipped with a rounded aerodynamic design and is just as easy to enjoy. Here’s a look at our inventory.

Let’s Get You That RV for Your EV 

Caring about the planet and saving some money on gasoline shouldn’t penalize you; make these RV selections feel more like a reward. Take a look at our inventory to see which RV options would be best for your electric vehicle, and start exploring the beautiful outdoors today.

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