A small truck camper can be a great addition to your family for enjoying Colorado adventures, especially if you want to get around with less haul than a travel-trailer or larger truck camper. Small Truck campers like the ones by Travel Lite RV offer more room and amenities than car or tent camping while enabling you to use your truck’s hitch while having your home on wheels suspended above it. Truck campers are perfect for people who want to tow boats, flatbed trailers, horse trailers and more especially around Colorado.

The Travel Lite RV SuperLite Truck Camper

The SuperLite offers seven different models to choose from, all made of solid wood construction. Due to its strength, durability and weight savings, you can take any trail knowing that it will withstand the adventure.

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The Travel Lite RV Extended Stay Truck Camper

Extended Stay Truck Campers give you everything you need for your long adventures across the country or even a weekend of fishing with your friends! There are four different types of models, so you can choose the size and capabilities you want for your adventure.

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The Travel Lite RV Rayzr

If homey comfort is what you’re looking for, the Rayzr by Travel Lite is a great option. It is a small design while still maintaining the luxury of having a home on wheels! The Rayzr FB’s style allows for an easily removable all-weather truck camper that provides ample luxuries within the square footage of your truck bed.

See the specifications here.

Wherever you are headed, small truck campers by Travel Lite are the best way to get around Colorado. Shop our inventory online or contact us with questions!

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