So you’ve decided you want to be more outdoorsy this summer. We hear you’re looking at buying a camper but wondering where to start? Of course, you’re right – there are so many to choose from. How could you be sure you’re making the right choice? Viking campers seem to be showing up in all of your google searches; is Viking the way to go?

About Viking Campers

We think you’re on the right track and that your hunch is spot on. Viking is a great way to go! With the volume of options available from Viking, finding something to fit your wilderness-adventuring-ideals will be a sinch. We’ve put together a short overview of some considerations accompanied by some of our suggestions.

A Viking Camper for One or Some?

Whether you’re headed outdoors to escape all of the people, or taking a few of them with you, Viking can accommodate. 

viking express camper

Viking Express trailers are just right for that solo excursion, while they’re also perfect for the romantic trip to where the city lights aren’t. The 9.0TD is the choice for your quest for solitude, while the 12.0TD MAX is better suited for you and your two besties. The Express comes equipped with a whole coach fan and a 20,000 BTU furnace, so you’ll be comfy no matter the season.

viking ls camper

Of course, if you are bringing the whole family, we suggest you take a look at Viking LS. Popped up and folded out, the LS sleeps up to 8 people and is fully loaded with a dual burner range stove and a 12V water pump and 120Watt refrigerator, perfect to feed and sleep an entire campsite full of hungry and sleepy adventurers.

River Bath or Traditional Shower?

Let the record show that this is a judgment-free zone — a safe place. Sometimes it’s nice to rough it in the truest sense and let the oils take over. At the same time, some of us see showering just once a day as a ground-shattering sacrifice. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, Viking is versatile.

viking legend camper

If you prefer the simplest of camping experiences, the express models of the Viking line are for you. Consider the Viking Legend, however, if the niceties of modern living are a must-have. Not only does it come with a 4” heated mattress, but with its bathroom package you can be sure to keep the dirt where it belongs – outside and not in the bed.

Cool Guy Truck or Old Faithful from High School?

You know what they say about big trucks? More towing options. If you’ve upgraded your truck, then you’re free to consider the Viking V-TREC.v-trec camper

The most spacious and sturdy of the Viking options, the V-TREC is perfect for those extended trips into the woods. Equipped with its heavy-duty axle, you can be sure your arsenal of wilderness must-haves will be a welcome addition. 

Viking prides itself on being lightweight and easy to set up, so if you are truck adverse, or simply holding onto your smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicle, go for the Express options; they’re lightweight and suitable for a smaller towing vehicle.

Weighing the Options

Viking trailers are an alternative to traditional, bulky, fifth wheels and travel trailers. A true take on the minimalist lifestyle, leave the hustle at home and take just what you need to fully enjoy the beautiful outdoors. For a full look at the latest Viking options at Pikes Peak RV, click here.

We know there are many things to consider when making big purchase decisions, but why don’t you start by taking a look at the Viking Campers we have available. If you run into any insurmountable roadblocks during your selection process, be sure to let us know — we’d love to help you start exploring.

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