There is nothing like owning an RV for the first time, but if you’re a newbie, there can be a lot to learn about your new companion! From knowing what parts you need to check on to the rules of the road, you should really have all of these rules to memory before you take your first trip. Here are some of the rules we consider to be very important.

Know Your Measurements

Height- It is very possible that there will be bridges that are too short for you. Post this number in your cab until you have it down to avoid any accidents!

Length- This number should be on a sticker located on the door of your RV, but you should also take into consideration anything you have attached to the back like your bikes for example. You will want to know this for parking purposes.

Tire Distance- Keep an eye on the distance between your tires (axles.) If this becomes significantly smaller or bigger, it is possible you have a problem with your center pin or axle.

Perform a Tire Check

Age- there is a 4 digit code on the back of your tires. Check that to see how old they are and when they will need to be replaced.
PSI- Know the right PSI for your tires and ensure they are all at that number before you hit the road to ensure a smooth ride.

Lane Usage

When operating an RV, you must stay in the far right lane except when you are preparing to turn, when passing, or getting on or off the interstate or highway.


Check beforehand if it is okay to park your RV where you plan to park it. Especially if you plan to park overnight! Most establishments have their own set of rules, especially for RVs.

Have Tools Handy

In the case of emergency, you will want to have these tools with you at all times: Adjustable Wrench, Claw Hammer, Tire Pressure gauge, Multi-Bit Screwdriver, Floor Jack, and an Inspection Mirror.

You’ll be glad to know these basic rules once you hit the road. They seem simple, but we are sure that they will save you from any mishaps that could occur on your trip. If you have any questions about your new RV, feel free to contact us or stop in!

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