Winter is here! The best time of year to buy an RV. Why? Because it’s the best time of year to save on your purchase, there are fewer crowds, and it opens the opportunity to travel for the holidays. This blog post will discuss five reasons why winter is the best time for you to invest in a new camper or motorhome for your family.

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Top 5 Reasons:

top 5 reasons to buy an rv in winter

1. Sales are abundant this time of year.  

The best deals on campers are offered during this time of year because dealers want to clear out their inventory before the new models arrive. As a result, camper prices drop in the winter – this is the best time of year for you to buy an RV if your budget doesn’t allow it right now.

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2. More used RVs on the lot. 

For those looking to save some money on a used camper, winter is a great time to go shopping for an RV. The reason for this is, RVers who have spent the summer traveling in older models of RVs may decide to upgrade before the next season begins. This means dealers will be advertising more used models for sale during winter, providing you with a broad pool from which to choose.

3. Get a new model for a lower price. 

Manufacturers like Travel Lite and Heartland have next year’s models ready to reach the showroom floor during winter. However, older models must be sold first. Dealers may reduce the costs of older new vehicles to make room for the new models. Therefore, winter is an excellent opportunity to get a new RV at a discounted price and have it ready when the spring season starts! 

4. Fewer people are shopping for campers. 

Your best bet is to make your purchase during this time of year because you will have less competition from other shoppers. During the summer and spring months, plenty of people are out looking for an RV, which also means less inventory and less selection. When buying an RV, you want to make sure you have as many options available to get the best fit for your lifestyle. Want to know more about selecting an RV? Check out RV Share’s Top 10 Questions Before Choosing an RV

5. Travel with the whole family on holidays

An RV is a great investment for your family, and the best time to buy an RV is during winter. Many people purchase RVs as their second home or vacation property because it gives you so many options of places to go when on holiday. It’s also a more affordable way of travel than buying a small plane ticket out of the country! 

Are you worried about traveling in the winter with an RV? Then, check out these tips on how to keep warm and toasty while exploring with your family during the winter months!

While it might seem like buying an RV in the warmer months is better, buying an RV in the winter will save you money, give you a better selection of RVs to pick from, and open up the possibility of traveling for the holidays even on a tight budget. So keep an eye out for big sales at your local RV dealer and who knows, you might be exploring with your RV sooner than spring! 

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