Spring adventures are just around the corner. At Pikes Peak RV, our selection of must-have RV accessories will make your camping all the more memorable. Frigid temperatures will fade, snow and ice will melt, and mountain beauty will spring up in their wake.

You can see it now. Clear trails leading to rushing waterfalls along bustling streams. Songs of springtime joy filling your ears as you behold the mountain fauna stretching their limbs to the sky and displaying their brilliant glory. The warmth escorting out the winter chill brushing your face as you in wonder watch the busy mountain wildlife.

These memories are nearly here to be made, and our aim is to let nothing hold you back from making them. With our must-have RV accessories, you’ll have everything you need to make the beauty in our backyard your temporary home.

Make the Most of Your Springtime Camping Adventures

We hear them, too – like a siren’s song from looming peaks beckoning us to come and see. It’s in response to those songs that we’ve carefully curated our inventory. More than anything else we seek to empower our community to explore the beauty that surrounds us. With these must-have RV accessories, your springtime excursions will be safer, more comfortable, and all-around more memorable.

Stay Alert with Our Backup Cameras

RV camping will elevate your camping experience and will allow you to get more out of your adventures – but not without added risk. Whether you’re driving, towing, or lugging your RV around on the bed of your truck, traveling with an RV requires an element of care. Staying vigilantly aware of your surroundings becomes difficult with the added size of an RV. With our backup cameras, however, some of that difficulty will be eliminated.

We carry the Furrion Vision S® Vehicle Observation System. This camera system eliminates blind spots and brings surround viewing capabilities to RVs, trucks, specialty vehicles, trailers, and more. This means you and your family will be safer during every step of your adventures.

Stay Cozy with Our Heated Camping Chairs

Even with the warming temperatures that come with the spring, the Rocky Mountain air can be quite brisk. This poses a challenge that our heated camping chairs can help you overcome. A major component of getting outdoors is in fact getting outdoors. No more admiring the mountain beauty through the window of your cozy RV. Feel that brisk air on your skin and stay warm while you do.

We carry GOBI Terrain heated camping chairs. These must-have RV accessories are sturdier than any camping chair you’ve seen before. Built on an ultra-durable steel frame, this heated camping chair will keep you cozy for hours thanks to the efficient 7.4V 6,500 lithium polymer battery (that doubles as a phone charging port, by the way). Take in the sites, snap a few photos, and relax in the beautiful outdoors.

Stay Connected with Our Portable Satellite Dishes

We know – all this fuss about getting you outdoors and here we are talking about satellite dishes. Here us out. You’re two-thirds through a week-long camping excursion. You’ve hiked. You’ve roasted marshmallows. You’ve gazed at the stars. You’ve even finished that book you’ve been meaning to. Now, as you near the end of your trip, you’re conflicted because you miss the comforts of home, but you’re just not ready to go back to sitting in traffic.

That’s where this must-have RV accessory comes in handy. The DISH Playmaker Portable Satellite allows you to get just enough of a taste of the comforts back home to pump you up for the next day’s hike. This portable satellite provides nationwide coverage and is engineered with high-grade materials for optimal performance and maximum durability. When you do finally make it home, take this bad boy with you to the next game-day tailgate and watch the pregame from the parking lot.

Stay Charged with Our Solar Panels

Whether you love it or hate it, much of today’s tools, technology, and gadgets run on electricity. With our solar panels, and what makes them must-have RV accessories, you’ll be able to use all of your electrically powered gizmos while taking in the great outdoors. All you need is some sunshine and you’ll have more than enough power to stay connected with your modern comforts.

Go Power! solar kits, inverters, chargers, and batteries are the leading choice for dependable power, wherever your adventures take you. We offer the full selection of Go Power! accessories, so you can explore with the confidence of knowing you’ll have the power you need, when you need it.

Find Your Must-Have RV Accessories at Pikes Peak RV

At Pikes Peak RV in Windsor, we maintain a deep love for the Rocky Mountain Beauty. We simply won’t rest until our community is equipped with the must-have RV accessories necessary to experience that beauty to its fullest. 

Stop into Pikes Peak RV today and see how you can get the most out of those springtime adventures waiting just around the corner. Can’t make the drive? No problem, you can browse our inventory via the link below, or place your order with this form and one of our expert team members will get in touch.

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