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Water Heater Service (perform annually)                                                      $100
  •  Check and clean burner tube
  • Check condition of Anode rod and relief valve
  • Check operation of control board
  • Adjust burner and electrodes
Appliance Service                                                                                                  $239 + parts
  • Furnace Service
  • Water Heater Service
  • Refrigerator Service
Propane system check                                                                                        $95
  • Inspect pressure regulator and tanks
  • Perform Leak Down (pressure drop) test
  • Inspect/test detectors.
Under 26’  – no icemaker/washer $189
Over 26’- no icemaker/washer $189
Over 26’ w/icemaker, NO washer $189
Over 26’ w/icemaker and washer $284
Over 26’ w/residential refrigerator $284
Dewinterization                                                                                                      $75
  • Flush all lines of antifreeze
  • Return bypass valves to normal operation
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Install water heater plug/anode rod
  • Install customer’s water filter
Spring special                                                                                                        $189
  • Dewinterization
  • Propane system pressure check
  • Check to make sure propane appliances light
  • Check battery and converter output voltage
  • Visual roof inspection
  • Inspect detectors for service date
Wheel bearing and brake service (perform annually or every 5K miles)
  • Clean bearings and inspect for damage
  • Repack wheel bearings with fresh grease
  • Install new grease seals
  • Inspect and adjust brake shoes as necessary
  • Inspect and lube shackles
Single axle trailer  $284 + parts
Dual axle trailer    $567 + parts
Triple axle trailer $851 + parts
Rubber roof clean and condition (perform annually)
  • Clean roof with rubber roof cleaner
  • Condition roof with UV protectant
Up to 20’ in length $284 + supplies
Over 20’ in length $425 + supplies
Over 30′ in length $662 + supplies
Slide out lube and inspection (perform annually)
  • Check slide out for proper operation
  • Lube slide out mechanism
  • Condition rubber seals
Per slide out $95
Check the house
  • Inspect fresh water system for leaks
  • Inspect 12v DC electrical system
  • Inspect 120v AC electrical system
  • Check all appliances for proper operation
  • Check condition of batteries
  • Check propane system for leaks and proper operating pressure
  • Visually inspect condition of roof
Without generator $473
With generator $473
Generator service (Lube & filter change)
Gas/LP $95 + parts
Diesel  $189 + parts
RV Orientation/Demo
Per hour charge $189


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Saturday: 9AM - 4PM
Sunday: CLOSED


4815 E. Platte Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
(Corner of Platte and Wooten, near Flea Market.
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