Unique RV – Clear-It Black Tank Unclogger – 32oz


Unique RV – Clear-It Black Tank Unclogger – 32oz

Unclogs RV Black Tanks


Unique RV – Clear-It Black Tank Unclogger – 32oz

Unclogs RV Black Tanks

Clear-It is without question, the strongest most effective RV black tank unclogger on the market, and your best option if you have any kind of clog, back-up, or blockage in your black tank! Other products claim to open clogged black tanks – Clear-It is the one that actually gets the job done! Clear-It’s boosted blend of fast-acting enzymes and extra-strength bacteria works quickly to break through and digest the waste that is causing your RV’s black tank to back up and is effective at removing pyramid plugs, blocked plumbing lines and compacted waste that has hardened inside your black tank.

  • The strongest black tank unclogger on the market
  • Breaks through pyramid plugs
  • Digests solid waste, paper and sludge
  • No driving required
  • Works on old and new problems
  • Formerly sold as Unique Tank Cleaner

Don’t Let a Clogged Black Tank Ruin Your Camping Trip!

Nothing can ruin the perfect RV adventure like a clogged black tank! When you set out on your trip you probably had visions of beautiful landscapes, relaxation, and quality time spent with friends and family. What you didn’t envision was being elbow deep in your own poop, trying to break through a pyramid plug you created by leaving your black tank valve open, a compacted tank of poop and paper from the last camping trip that hardened inside your black tank, or a clog of paper that got shoved down your toilet and is now causing your toilet to back up.

Not exactly the ideal camping trip!

To make things even more difficult, the internet (and fellow campers around you) all have their “tips” to help you get your tank unclogged – and none of them work. So you’re taking stinky stabs in the dark!

The other option is, you grab yourself a bottle of Clear-It, add it to your tank, and walk away for 48 -72 hours, only to return to an unclogged black tank. Which of these sounds better to you?

If you have a clogged tank, it’s a disgusting, frustrating, and often messy problem. Let us help you get back to your ideal camping trip quickly, easily, and cleanly with Unique Clear-It – the world’s strongest, most effective tank unclogger!

Enjoy Your RV. Leave Your Holding Tanks To Us.

  • The strongest black tank unclogger on the market
  • Works on old and new problems
  • Breaks through solid waste, paper and sludge
  • Outworks every other brand for unclogging black tanks
  • Breaks through pyramid plugs, compacted tanks and clogged pipes
  • Complies with all state dumping laws
  • No driving required
  • Won’t damage or degrade seals or valves
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Contains no hidden chemicals
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • #1 brand recommended by RV techs
  • Used by RV service departments to unclog black tanks
  • Top selling tank unclogger
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Supported by world-class customer support

Current Ingredients: Water Alcohols C9-11 Ethoxylated Propylene Glycol Sodium Citrate Proxel GXL Protease Enzymes Amylase Enzymes Cellulase Enzymes Lipase Enzymes Kathon CG/ICP Viable Bacillus Bacteria Neutoleum Fragrance

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in

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